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Written by on February 8, 2024

94.7 The Pulse welcomes four new interns!

Four Deakin University third-year students have joined the team, keen to learn about the world of radio. With varied interests in marketing, social media, and production, 94.7 The Pulse is excited to have them on board to help them use their skills in a real-world setting and show the community what they have to offer.

Let’s meet them!

Tash is in her third year of studies at Deakin Burwood, where she is studying for a Bachelor of Communications. She is joining our communications and social media team here at 94.7 The Pulse. She has found a love for marketing and social media through her time studying and says she loves the creative freedom you can have while building a brand identity.

Tash feels she is ready to share her skills with the community.

“I want to use my knowledge from uni in a real way and build on the skills I already have,” she says.

Also joining our communications team is Rhi. She’s in her third year at Deakin Waurn Ponds studying a Bachelor of Communications, where she’s found a passion for marketing and advertising, saying she loves the idea of giving a brand a personality and how creative this can be.

“I’m very creative and I think that’s an important skill to have in this kind of role” Rhi says.

She hopes to be able to share her writing skills and show this creativity as she connects with 94.7 The Pulse’s community.

Ali studies online at Deakin and is in her third and final year of studying for a Bachelor of Communications. She has a love for radio production and is keen to share the skills she’s learnt so far with the community as she spends her time at 94.7 The Pulse producing Rob’s Front Page.

“I love the flow, how it [radio production] works. The editing is different from TV – more innovative” Ali says, talking about her love for radio production.

Last, but not least – Sophie is joining our team, using her skills to produce Loretta’s Front Page. Sophie is studying for a Bachelor of Communication and Commerce in Burwood and wants to become an economics and commerce-based journalist, believing the field is lacking female voices. She believes everyone has a story and she loves to find out what they are.

“I like how every day is different and every story is different,” she says.

“You get to hear, kind of, more of the human side of the story, there’s more humanity.”

We are beyond excited to welcome these students into our team. Tune in to 94.7 The Pulse to meet our interns and see what they have to offer!

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