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The Pulse is offering exciting training courses for Secondary Schools. Aimed at young people aged 12-18, it provides the opportunity to learn all about making radio: on-air announcing; media law, planning and producing a radio show.

Radio can be used to give a voice to young people and is a great way to engage them back into the classroom. Whatever the age group, whatever the project, it can translate well into radio. Training in media provides social and communication skills and presents literacy in an excitingly different way. Young people are empowered by this new voice and have the confidence to reach their ambitions. It is not about working in the media, it is about using an engaging tool to assist learning across all areas.

The Pulse is proposing a training program in which small groups of students work to plan, write and record a one hour radio program that will be broadcast on 94.7 the Pulse FM. It can be incorporated into a half or whole term project for a group of students, where they organise the theme, roles and production of their program. Half day training sessions are held at the Pulse where all equipment and resources are provided.

Sessions can be held for up to a maximum of 15 students at the Pulse Training Facility [68-70 Lt. Ryrie St, Geelong]. There is a new fully equipped Training Room and a fully operating radio studio. Our training staff are all qualified, experienced broadcasters who know how to engage with students. No one in Geelong can offer this type of equipment or experience.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to radio and how it can be used to raise awareness of an issue.
  • Learn how to utilise the medium of radio as a publicity tool
  • Learn how to use the radio panel and associated equipment
  • An mp3 recording of the program, all tasks and associated material

The Pulse is committed to:

  • providing a relevant voice for youth as creators, not just consumers, of media;
  • connecting students with their community.

Contact The Pulse to learn more about this exciting project and get your school engaging with the Community through 94.7 the Pulse.

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