Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my music played on the pulse?

We love to receive new music, especially from local artists. All our programs select their own music for airplay.

The best way for us to get your music to our programs; is to email a brief bio (including your genre/s, and details of any upcoming local gigs) and download link to some of your music to info@947thepulse.com

Please do not attach files to email, as our server can have trouble with them

If you are already familiar with our programs, and have some in mind you think may like your music, feel free to address the email to the attention of those program/s.

If you’d like provide music on CD, this can be mailed to 94.7 The Pulse, PO Box 1276 Geelong VIC 3220, or dropped into the station during business hours (9am-5pm weekdays).

If servicing music by CD, remember to mark it to the attention of a particular Program, so we can make sure it gets to the right person.

Please note we cannot arrange for a single copy of a CD to be passed among multiple programs, and we cannot return any CDs given to the station

Some of our programs currently list the music they play on their AMRAP page  – you can view these via the Program Guide (or register at airit.org.au to search though playslists of all registered stations).

We  are unable to provide information on potential airplay from other programs.

How can I get an interview on The Pulse?

All our program content is arranged by each program’s presenters and producers.

If you have an interview opportunity or story idea for them, please email us the information; and we’ll pass along to all our relevant programs.

As all our programs are self-produced, we are unable to guarantee you an interview, or arrange an interview on behalf or a program.

If you haven’t heard back a few days after emailing the station, feel free to make a phone call to check that your email was received and checked/forwarded (we receive hundreds of enquiries per day, so sometimes messages can get lost).

Please don’t follow this up with additions calls, however – after the information has been passed along to our programs, there is nothing further that station administration can do to assist in arranging an interview.

If a program in interested in an interview or story idea, they will usually get back in touch directly.

I have a community/charity event coming up...can I get some air time?

​​Thanks to the TAC, The Pulse has the TAC Community Service Bulletin Board airing twice a weekday, at 10am and 5pm. If you have a Charity/Community event coming up, you can submit your event here or send the details through to info@947thepulse.com to receive some free promotion for your community event!

Ideally, we’d receive the info around 3 weeks ahead of the event, this gives us time to produce the audio and schedule the announcement for rotation around a fortnight in advance of your event.

When we receive the information, we will also pass along to our relevant programs, so they can get in touch to  arrange an interview if  interested.

Please note, the Community Service Bulletin Board is available only for genuine Charity or Community events. The following event types are not eligible:

  • Events to promote political or religious causes
  • Events to promote a brand, product or commercial service, even if the event is free
  • Events to promote for-profit Sports or Arts organizations
  • Arts or Music events that are not being held to raise funds for registered nonprofits

How can I find out the name of a song played on the Pulse?

The easiest way to find out a song title/artist is to phone in during the program!

03 5222 5947

(please try to call during music breaks, and not while the announcers are talking).

Some of our programs currently list tracks they’ve played on their AMRAP page (you can navigate to these via the Program Guide).

Otherwise, feel free to contact us with an enquiry (including program name/ date, or at lease approximate date/time and program type), and we’ll do our best (though we can’t always guarantee an answer).

How can I get a copy of a Pulse program?

Some of our programs regularly podcast their programs, or program highlights – check out our Podcasts page!

If a program is not listed, we may be able to retrieve a copy of the audio from our logger; however there is a $30 charge attached to this service. If you would like us to retrieve some audio, please phone 03 5222 5947 (bh) or email with your enquiry.

Please note: payment must be made up-front, and we cannot provide a copy of any music from a program.

Does the Pulse take work experience students?

The Pulse is only able to take a limited number of Work Experience students per year, due to the large time commitment needed to accommodate placements.

Owing to this limitation, we are interested only in placements with a genuine interest in Radio; and require a meeting with all potential placements. Please contact us to arrange a meeting time.

Please note that we are not a suitable venue to host students interested in Sound Production.

We are also unable to take Work Experience placements at short notice.

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