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Sponsor 94.7 The Pulse

Join other Geelong businesses and organisations in sponsoring your local community radio station.

94.7 The Pulse runs on the generous time and support of our volunteers and devoted community sponsors to continue to reach and engage with the Geelong region.

What’s in it for business sponsors?

Our business sponsors enjoy a wide variety of benefits from custom advertising campaigns to regular interviews on our esteemed programs.
Our commitment to the Geelong community is reflected in our local partnerships and involvement in expanding the region’s great reputation and that of its businesses and organisations.

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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the lifeblood of 94.7 The Pulse.

The business and organisation sponsors of 94.7 The Pulse are vital to our ability to continue reaching and engaging with the Geelong community.

These partnerships are an invaluable demonstration of a collective commitment to showcasing the Geelong region and all it has to offer.

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