About Us

About Us

94.7 The Pulse is Geelong’s favourite community radio station, providing a voice to the people through a diverse range of programming from multicultural shows and current affairs to special interest programs and local events coverage.

Our aim is to be the voice of the Geelong community through addressing local issues, concerns and events, and provide a platform for our youth, elderly, local businesses, not-for-profits, and multicultural individuals and groups to share their passions and interests without the noise and commercialism of typical mainstream radio.

94.7 The Pulse runs on the generosity and hard work of 150 volunteers, and four staff members.While primarily designed to serve Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula, our studios are in Geelong, the service area of the station extends to Lorne, the outskirts of Colac, the outskirts of Ballarat, Werribee and anywhere in between.

We also broadcast via live streaming online, so people from all over Australia and the world can tune in to 94.7 The Pulse. The Pulse is run on the tireless energy of our volunteers, generous and community minded sponsors and the support of our listeners becoming subscribers.


To be the premier regional production house and media training centre in the broadcast industries of radio and television through community engagement, innovation, and the collective input of groups and businesses within Geelong and surrounding regions.


94.7 The Pulse is committed to serving the needs of the community with in the broadcast area and to promote organisations, issues, events and activities that are relevant to the local people. Put simply, 94.7 the Pulse aims to provide “Diverse Radio” and “Diverse Television” by delivering a large range of content that is not provided by commercial broadcasters. We abide by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia ‘s (CBAA) Code of Ethics.


To provide a voice for our diverse community through fostering engagement, promoting inclusivity and connectedness, and facilitating opportunities to learn valuable media skills that allow individuals and groups to collaborate and contribute to the fabric of our region.



Providing a platform for community members and groups to share their passions with the region’s listeners.


Fostering a culture of inclusivity, acceptance, and unity.


Being an industry leader in community radio broadcasting and content production


Acting in alignment with community morals, values and expectations and celebrating diversity


Empowering the community to be involved in and give a voice to local issues, interests, and events

Our Story

94.7 The Pulse began as 3YYR (or You Yangs Radio). The idea of a community radio in Geelong was initiated at a public meeting held in November 1984. Interested Geelong citizens formed a committee to gain support from the Geelong community and to gather the technical and administrative expertise to lobby the government for its support and to meet the requirements for a licence application.

After several test broadcasts and further lobbying, 3YYR commenced full time broadcasting on May 1, 1988. The name 3YYR was changed to Geelong Radio in 1996. Up until 2001 Geelong Radio broadcast on the frequency 100.3FM, but as part of the federal government’s national frequency re-arrangement plan, was forced to leave this frequency in June 2001. The station made the decision to move to the higher transmitter power and a new frequency of 94.7 FM and to change its name to 94.7 The Pulse.

In 2004, suffering major debts from the running costs of the station, Diversitat became our parent company, taking on our debt. Diversitat and 94.7 the Pulse have great synergy in their community focus and community projects. 94.7 The Pulse has thrived in this partnership.

In 2018, we celebrated 30 years of broadcasting; a significant achievement in community broadcasting. We thank all those that have been involved with the station throughout the years. We still have a number of volunteer presenters which have been involved with the station since the early days and continue to contribute their time and skills to the station today. We couldn’t do this without them.

In 2013, we also established Pulse Television, airing on Channel 31 (Digital 44). Pulse Television is a 30-minute lifestyle/magazine program highlighting and featuring the Greater Geelong region and its many hidden gems: the diversity of Geelong and its surrounding community, its personalities, exploring local music talent, dabbling in the arts, highlighting different cultures and taking part in local festivals. Pulse Television is continuing to evolve to suit the needs of the local community through collaboration with groups and cultures celebrated within the community.

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