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94.7 the Pulse is your Community Radio Station.

When you subscribe to 94.7 The Pulse, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you support the 70 volunteers who give their time and skills to provide a real alternative to mainstream radio in Geelong and surrounding regions.


Local people and local issues, that’s what drives the Pulse.



We couldn’t exist without the support of people just like you; people who value free speech, real local programming and the continuation of a strong regional voice for future generations. Every dollar you donate goes straight into supporting the work of The Pulse and providing resources to our volunteer broadcasters and ensures the future growth of Geelong community radio, live and local.

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Every 94.7 The Pulse subscriber receives a Subscriber Discount card.  This card will be sent to you.  The 94.7 The Pulse Subscriber Discount card can be used receive 10% off from our generous subscriber discount businesses.  ( Card will be available from April, 2024)

You can also subscribe over the phone on (03) 5222 5947 or drop into the station anytime!
If subscribing isn’t an option for you, why not consider making a donation?  94.7 The Pulse is a registered charity, so any amount over $2 you donate is Tax Deductible.

Donate now to help keep our Pulse pumping!

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