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“From the moment I began chatting in the foyer I felt I’d returned home to what has driven my years of academic studies and campaigning – the betterment of conditions for women of all ages.”

International Women’s Day (IWD) calls for celebration and recognition of the accomplishments of women globally. This March 8th, the theme was ‘Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress’.

94.7 The Pulse celebrated the women in the Geelong community this International Women’s Day.

From bright and early Monday morning, Rob Cameron kicked off the week with an interview from Barbara Abley.

Barbara was a Brownbill Ward Councillor, serving as Deputy Mayor of Geelong for one year and Mayor from 2002 – 2004. She is the first female Mayor in the history of the City of Greater Geelong.

Loretta Hart had a very special episode of ‘Loretta’s Front Page’ on Wednesday morning. She invited just a few of the wonderful women from the community who reflect this year’s IWD theme.

We were excited to hear from three nominees of the Geelong Women in Community Life Awards in a panel discussion about IWD.

Imogen O’Shannessy was one of our guests and was nominated for the ‘Women in Community Life Award for Human Rights’. She has had a significant impact on the Geelong community by providing a voice to other young people by speaking about disability in the local media.

They have been working with the Rainbow Youth Advisory Group and the 2022 Geelong Youth Council to help create and maintain safe spaces for young women who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Loretta also invited two of the nominees for the ‘Women in Community Life Award for Climate Action’, Juliet Bao Ngoc Doling and Yvonne Parker.

Already with a completed bachelor’s degree in Zoology and animal science, Juliet is now studying for her honour’s degree. She uses her platform from her scientific credentials and her acting background to advocate in a powerful way.

Juliet leads university and community initiatives, taking on leadership of Beach Patrol 3220. She works hard to encourage the Geelong community to get involved in cleaning up the environment, advocating for a more sustainable future.

We were excited to chat to Yvonne Parker as well. She’s a climate activist and volunteers with Geelong Sustainability. She uses her writing skills in her activism and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Yvonne said she loved spending her time engaging in insightful and meaningful conversation with the other women who came to chat with us.

“From the moment I began chatting in the foyer [with the other guests] I felt I’d returned home to what has driven my years of academic studies and campaigning – the betterment of conditions for women of all ages.” She said.

Going on to win the award, Yvonne says she felt immensely grateful that climate is recognised as part of the awards.

“Receiving the award gave me a chance to speak from the heart and ask all women present to become climate activists in whatever way they can.

“The message was that the voice of each individual woman becomes mighty powerful when raised in unison.”

A true inspiration and role model for women around Geelong, she provides an example to women that you are never ‘too’ anything to not have a go or to dream big. Yvonne encourages women in the community to use her voice – it’s a powerful tool.

The Sustainable Hour followed this with their annual International Women’s Day celebration with ‘The Sustainable Women’s Hour’. Vicki Perrett and Kate Lockhart hosted this year, with guests Jeanne Nel, Dr Ly Doan and Veema Moonipah.

This women-led program invites local women leaders to discuss the importance of inclusivity, empowerment, environmental conservation, climate change, and other important topics in our community.

Vicki, Kate, and the other women in this episode encourage the community to ‘Plant a tree and feel the glee’ and to ‘Just do it’.

They spent the hour sharing stories about their journeys as women leaders.

Just as the sun was rising Friday morning, so was Loretta Hart with sister, Claire Reed, to co-host a magical IWD Breaky Broadcast. On air from 7am, they stuck with the theme of celebrating women in our local community.

We heard musical performances from Geelong’s very own Gabby Steel, Madeliene Cope, and The Sweethearts.

We were keen to hear some home-grown talent right here in the studio and each of our performers showed us what they’re made of.

Playing their music live on 94.7 The Pulse for our listeners meant just as much to these performers as it did to us.

“Being able to experience the radio show on The Pulse was an absolutely amazing experience that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget,” Issy (The Sweethearts) said.

“Being able to perform our original song ‘Woman’ on International Women’s Day meant so much to us as it really represents who we are and what we stand for as an all-female band,” Matilda (The Sweethearts) added.

The team from 94.7 The Pulse were excited to showcase some of the talented and driven women who make up the Geelong community. This International Women’s Day was one to remember.

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