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Sweethearts of Yesterday

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Ian (Hoges) Hogan

I am a Geelong resident, having lived here all my life.

I have loved music all my life and have played bass guitar in various bands for many years.

As a teenager, I developed a love of radio and spent untold hours at the studios of the now-defunct 3GL. I became a good friend with the

chief announcer David Coburn who got me interested in  “old-time” music with his program, the original Sweethearts of Yesterday.

I developed my radio skills at Country FM where I did everything from presenting On-air, outside broadcasts, production and management/committee duties.

I joined The Pulse in the ’90s doing the country music program as well as the studio side of Football and Cricket broadcasts and sharing the old-time music show with the legendary Bob Appleton.

When the opportunity arose at the Pulse, I developed my own version of David Coburn’s program naming it SWEETHEARTS OF YESTERDAY in his memory.

David’s voice can be heard on the program’s identification tags during the show each week.

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