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Mark Seeckts, Host of the Latteline, sharing with you the life and background of guests on 94.7 the Pulse.

Marwa runs an Arabic language program on 94.7 The Pulse

Tom Christensen -  Chewing the Fat with Real Rural Stories, catch-ups and conversations with people living rurally, in town and on the land.

Hold on to your hats as renowned broadcast journalist Nicole Chvastek dives into the latest breaking news and wrangles a few hot button debates.

Troy Wilson

Local news and current affairs with a strong focus on women’s health, their stories and issues that effect them.

Pete is joined radio in 2018, after a lifelong passion for music and the music industry.  It has always been the dream to be involved in radio presenting, he has been a DJ and MC in the club and entertainment industry since 1985.  Studied as an Engineer while doing DJ and sound work to get […]

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