Report Studio Fault

Report a Fault in the Studio

What is a studio fault?

A studio fault is any problem within the studios that disrupts broadcasting, recording, or poses a risk to any individual.

Why do I need to report studio faults?

In order for station management to fix any faults or problems within the studios, they need to know the fault exists or has occurred.

Reporting studio faults helps station management keep track of equipment performance/failures and identify when/if equipment needs replacing.

Reporting faults is also important to demonstrate a need for upgraded equipment and facilities when funding is available.

Who does the studio fault report go to?

Your form will be emailed directly to station management for investigation.

What information should I include when reporting a studio fault?

As much information as possible. The form below will guide you through reporting the fault, but it is very important that you provide as much detail as possible in the text field for station management to conduct a proper investigation and rectify the fault as soon as possible.

Report Fault

NOTE: Please give as much detail as possible.

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