Pulse Media Productions

Pulse Media Productions

Pulse Media Productions is an agency of Diversitat and 94.7 the Pulse - Diverse Radio and Television. Being part of a community radio and television station, we are made up of many people from all walks of life - different ages, genders, religions, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds and more. We provide access to ALL people in our region with access to media training (radio, film, television and sound), work experience and opportunities, often not catered for by commercial media.

After the success of our Pulse Geelong TV program on C31 (now it its sixth season), we have an established team of trained and talented young media personnel who have the experience and skills to tackle any production job of any size - big or small on time and on budget!

We create highly professional web videos, documentaries and music videos. We build videos for businesses, artists, musicians, theatre performances, events and corporate seminars.

Pulse Media Productions filming a business on-location

By engaging the services of Pulse Media Productions, you'll not only get a quality product for your business, but you'll also help to provide opportunities for more people to join our organisation, develop real-world skills and ultimately assist them in obtaining paid work in the media industry.

Visit www.pulsemediaproductions.com.au to find out more!

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