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The Sustainable Hour

The Sustainable Hour
Clean, green and sustainable solutions in Geelong
PresentersMik, Tony and Alastair
Keywordslocal and national affairs, talk
Wednesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

The Sustainable Hour opens the airwaves to local entrepreneurs, pioneers, politicians and activists - visionary 'dreamers' as well as practical-minded 'doers' in local businesses, universities, organisations and councils.

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The Sustainable Hour Podcast

Here is a selection of the most recent episodes on this podcast. You can listen to these episodes by clicking on the blue play button, or download them by clicking 'Download'.

'The Sustainable Hour' is about how we can make our own houses and appartments, our gardens and streets, our own little city both greener, cleaner, more beautiful, nicer to live in, healthier, cheaper, and more fun on top of it. Available in iTunes.

  • The Sustainable Hour: Water management as a solution to climate change
    Listen: | Download
    Dr Sohail Inayatullah about Our Future in Geelong - Tracey Slatter, new boss of Barwon Water, about water management, values, accountability and leadership - David Maher about natural farming - Steve Posselt about his kayak-journey and the Climate Emergency Declaration petition. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - Right on climate and fear of coal
    Listen: | Download
    Speakers in The Sustainable Hour on 15 February 2017 were Paul Gilding, John Hewson and David Spratt, and we interviewed Godfrey Moase, who is President of the Vic Labor Economics Policy Committee, and Steve Posselt, our kayaking climate action campaigner and champion. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - festival for change, sustainable water
    Listen: | Download
    Our guests in The Sustainable Hour on 8 February 2017 are Luke Taylor, director of the Sustainable Living Festival, sustainable water expert and professor Rob Skinner, kayaking climate campaigner Steve Posselt, and 16-year-old student Jack Nyhof. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - It's time to decide our future
    Listen: | Download
    Our guests in The Sustainable Hour on 1 February 2017 are Simone Boer, leader of City of Greater Geelong's Our Future project, and Steve Posselt, kayak adventurer. See more on

  • The Sustainable Hour - Climate champions
    Listen: | Download
    Our guests in The Sustainable Hour on 21 December 2016 are climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez from the United States and Australian singer Missy Higgins. We take a look at what is ahead in the new year, and also listen to audio clips with American senator Bernie Sanders, actor Mark Ruffalo, and author Joanna Macy. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - Electricity prices and power politics
    Listen: | Download
    About rising electricity prices, politics of stupidity, and local sustainability leadership. Interview with Tony Overman, sustainability coordinator at Barwon Water, Cam Walker, campaigns coordinator at Friends of the Earth Melbourne, and Jodi Magi, event organiser at 350 Melbourne. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - Joining dots of economy, energy and environment
    Listen: | Download
    We talk with Phil Baulch, co-organiser of the coming Geelong event Join the Dots, about why he sees local action and participation in local street projects as an antidote to despair. We also talk with Simon Mulvani from Save the Bees Australia - Bee The Cure. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - Climate activism, despair and hope
    Listen: | Download
    Guests in The Sustainable Hour on 30 November - woooohooooooo! Show no 150 - are: Gilbert Rochecouste, managing director of Village Well, ABC RN radio journalist Gretchen Miller, and filmmaker David Lowe. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - Community Energy
    Listen: | Download
    Sunlight at the end of the tunnel - an hour about community energy. Nicky Ison and Manny Pasqualini from Community Power Agency are among Australia's leading experts in community energy. Dan Cowdell is project coordinator of Geelong Sustainability's Community Energy project. Leo Renkin is 94.7 The Pulse's station manager. More info on

  • The Sustainable Hour - 16 November 2016
    Listen: | Download
    The good, the bad and the utterly disgusting climatic news. Interviews with Elizabeth Woodworth, co-author of the new book 'Unprecedented Climate Mobilization', Meg Argyriou from ClimateWorks, Mark Pershin from Less Meat Less Heat. More info on

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