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The Sustainable Hour

The Sustainable Hour
Clean, green and sustainable solutions in Geelong
PresentersMik, Tony and Alastair
Keywordslocal and national affairs, talk
Wednesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

The Sustainable Hour opens the airwaves to local entrepreneurs, pioneers, politicians and activists - visionary 'dreamers' as well as practical-minded 'doers' in local businesses, universities, organisations and councils.

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The Sustainable Hour Podcast

Here is a selection of the most recent episodes on this podcast. You can listen to these episodes by clicking on the blue play button, or download them by clicking 'Download'.

'The Sustainable Hour' is about how we can make our own houses and appartments, our gardens and streets, our own little city both greener, cleaner, more beautiful, nicer to live in, healthier, cheaper, and more fun on top of it. Available in iTunes.

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