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Roads to Recovery

Roads to Recovery
Tune in to find out what is available in our community to make living in our community easier, safer and more worthwhile.
PresentersGreg McHenry
KeywordsRecovery, abuse, alcohol, other drugs, support, mental health, rehabilitation, living with any pain, community services, homelessness, homophobia
Tuesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

Tune in to hear what is available in our community to make living in your community easier, safer and more worthwhile. Have a pen and paper ready, as there are always contact details to jot down!

Tune in with Greg McHenry, Tuesdays 11am-noon on 94.7 The Pulse.

This award winning program, Roads to Recovery, which is now into its ninth year of broadcasting, intends to increase public awareness of what is available in our community, to make livingin our community easier, safer, and/or more worthwhile.

Edwina, who has produced many programs, and has been very much the ideas person for many topics we have covered, will handle ANY ideas you may have for appropriate discussion, and your involvement as a participant is encouraged.

Please use the "send program feedback" link below, and we will be in contact in a timely fashion.

The audience target is people of all ages. The program attempts to cover as many groups as possible that are able to help people in our community through their issues. We act as a conduit, only, to get information to people who (possibly) want to take that huge first step to recovery, for whatever the reason.

We talk about these issues in an informal, chatty manner, hoping that we de-mystify them, and inform the audience of relevant contacts to get help towards recovery. We have heard of a number of local people taking note of information they have learnt from the program, and taking that important first step to recovery.

The program goes to air on a weekly basis, when guests mainly drive the format, and the program has a strong focus about making it their program.

Participants have included

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The Roads to Recovery Blog

Tune in on 94.7 The Pulse every Tuesday 11am-12pm

  • Who we will be chatting with 16.9.2014.
    Craig Harvey a Pharmacotherapy Outreach worker with Barwon Health?s Drug and Alcohol service is with me again today for his umpteenth chat, and he is not only introducing me to a new person, but also to a new problem that has been around for a long time. I just haven?t known about it, and we […]

  • Who we will be chatting with 23.9.2014.
    Next week I will be talking with Hollie Laver, Clinical Coordinator of the Eating Disorder Service with Barwon Health,† and Chloe about eating disorders and the services available.  

  • Welcome to Roads to Recovery
    Roads to Recovery goes to air every Tuesday on 94.7 The Pulse. I look forward to your comments, and any suggestions for topics you would like covered in the future. Any issue can be considered!

The Roads to Recovery Podcast

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