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Mitchell's Front Page

Mitchell's Front Page
Talk, editorials, current affairs, reviews, news and more!
PresentersMitchell Dye
Mondays 9:00am - 11:00am
Tuesdays 9:00am - 11:00am

Mitchell’s Front Page is Geelong’s only radio program on a Monday and Tuesday morning that keeps you informed on the issues affecting the region. Presented in a current affairs format, the program features a mix of news, sport, information and lighter content.

The award-winning program started in July 2014. Mitchell Dye, the host of the program was born and bred in Geelong, and has been involved in Geelong radio since 2006.

Every episode gives an extensive insight into the issues of the day and encourages listener feedback on talkback, email and social media.

The program goes to air live from the Geelong studios of 94.7 The Pulse. Listeners can tune in to 94.7FM in the Geelong region, and can listen online at Program highlights, features and specials are podcast at so you can listen anytime.

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The program compliments Scanlan’s Front Page which appears at the same time on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Denis Scanlan.

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The Mitchell's Front Page Blog

Mon-Tue from 9-11am on 94.7 The Pulse

  • June 19- Victorian Population Policy Taskforce- Andrew Katos MLA and Tim Smith MLA
    Andrew Katos MLA, Member for South Barwon and Tim Smith MLA, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition joined the program to speak about the Victorian Population Policy Taskforce. Andrew Katos also spoke about the CFA, crime statistics and the potential closure of regional libraries.

  • Drug testing for youth on welfare will lead to increased crime: Noffs Foundation
    Matt Noffs, CEO of the Noffs Foundation, believes the government needs to ?stop playing silly buggers with young lives.” ?We are playing with the community’s safety here and we’re playing with young Australian’s lives. Drug testing is very likely to result in an increase in criminal activity because it doesn?t address the very real reasons drug dependency develops in the first place, including experiences of trauma and poverty.? ?If we are to take this seriously, before we even implement a policy like this, we should be rigorously researching the implications of taking away freedom from young people whose lives have already been destroyed by drugs, trauma, and poverty, and let?s focus on the results in a couple of years? time. I believe the situation will be made worse, and we will see an increase in crime. I hope that those who are so eager to punish vulnerable young Australians are prepared to wear the consequences.” He spoke to Mitchell’s Front Page about the policy.

  • ?Our toughest challenge yet?: Lifeline campaign tackles male suicide
    A new campaign to breakdown traditional male values of stoicism and masculinity has been launched by Lifeline Australia, highlighting the lifesaving importance of open and non-judgemental conversations about suicide.

  • 1,700 jobs axed at Telstra
    Telstra?s decision to axe another 1,700 Australian jobs will further erode and quality and reliability of services, treating customers and hardworking staff with contempt says the CPSU. The telecommunications company formally advised the union of the wholesale cuts after they were publicly announced this afternoon by Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn. All divisions of Telstra are affected by the announcement. So far the CPSU is aware of members facing the sack in Sydney and Telstra?s Adelaide call centre that deals with complaints. CPSU Deputy Secretary Melissa Donnelly said: ?This wholesale slashing of Australian jobs is another body blow to Telstra, and comes on top of the thousands of positions that have already been axed in recent years.?

  • June 19- Toby Hagon from Wheels Magazine
    Toby Hagon from Wheels Magazine joined the program to discuss the future of the V8 supercars, along with BMW’s expectation that 25% of their cars will be at least partly electric by 2025.

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